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Introducing our Mobile Treatment Service (MTS) – a groundbreaking solution bringing comprehensive mental health care directly to your doorstep. At iMind Behavioral Health, we understand that accessing traditional in-person treatment can be challenging for many individuals. That’s why our MTS offers convenient and personalized mental health services in the comfort of your own home. Our highly trained and compassionate team is equipped with the expertise to provide therapy, medication management, and other essential mental health support right at your location – whether that’s in your house, shelter, or street. 

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of our Mobile Treatment Service and take the first step towards improved mental well-being today. 

Our program focuses on holistic care, empowering clients to enhance their overall well-being and promote independence. Through a wide range of services, we address key areas to help individuals thrive

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Eligibility Criteria

Our MTS program is a great fit for those who have either exhausted traditional forms of outpatient treatment interventions or undergone repeated psychiatric hospitalizations. 

To be eligible for our MTS, you must get a referral from a licensed clinician. This referral can be made by one of our therapists.