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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages on their path to recovery and community reintegration. The PRP provides comprehensive support and skill-building opportunities tailored to each person’s unique needs. Through a person-centered approach, our compassionate and multidisciplinary team of professionals guides individuals in developing vital life skills, fostering independence, and enhancing overall well-being. 

Join us on a transformative journey towards improved mental wellness and personal growth.

Our program focuses on holistic care, empowering clients to enhance their overall well-being and promote independence. Through a wide range of services, we address key areas to help individuals thrive

Some Areas of Support

Multidisciplinary Professionals to help you reach your goals


Support with planning and setting budgets


Assistance with locating and submitting housing applications


Guidance on finding and sustaining stable employment

Mental Health

Clinical team to address mental health challenges


Support with metro access and applications as needed


Help with developing a physical wellness plan


Assistance with finding a social support system within the community


Support with planning and developing an education plan

Treatment Team

varies depending on need

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Eligibility Criteria

Our PRP is a great fit for those experiencing intense and/or chronic mental health conditions that interfere with essential areas of life, such as social, educational, or occupational functioning.